MPK Christian Celtic Band is a family band from central Wisconsin whose Christian Celtic songs blend rich harmonies with soul stirring traditional Celtic airs and flying fiddles. Five family members,  all songwriters, combine guitar, keyboards, Irish whistles and flutes, drums, fiddles, and more in new and traditional ways. Their fiddler, Joanna Johnson, is the 2017 US National Scottish Fiddle Champion and an avid composer of Scripture based Celtic songs and tunes in the traditional Scottish style. MPK’s music is centered around the gospel. Their mission: to draw as many as possible to Jesus through music.

Heritage: We are proud to display our Macneil tartan throughout this website and at our concerts.

Members: The band consists of the Mama (M) and the PKs (Preacher’s kids).

Pastor Ron Johnson acts as master of ceremonies and is a Scottish historian.

Deb Johnson is the Mama, whose talents include writing some of the original songs for the group, vocals, classical and electric guitar and violin.

Dawn Wolf, is a songwriter and vocalist, and performs on flute and Irish whistles.

Maranatha Elmhorst is a vocalist, keyboardist, dancer and songwriter.

Joanna Johnson, 2017 US National Scottish Fiddle Champion, is a vocalist violinist, dancer and songwriter.

Noah Wolf, performs on djembe, bodhran, drums, accordion, keyboard, bagpipes and is a songwriter.

Vince Elmhorst  is the sound tech for the band.

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