Deborah Johnson

Deborah Johnson

Registered on Friday the 22nd of Mar, 2013


My name is Deb Johnson and I am the band manager and mother and grandmother of the band members. We established MPK Christian Celtic Band as an LLC back in 2006 when Maranatha and Joanna were still in high school (homeschooled). Noah literally "grew up" in the band and Dawn was a young homeschooling mother.

I have been a guitarist since I was a freshman in high school when Monti's Music Center in Maywood Illinois became my "home away from home". I excelled as a student and was teaching at the studio within 2 years of taking lessons and won awards in the senior division earning first place in the Illinois Music Association and the American Guild of Music. I was judged by the "man" Mel Bay, himself.

I was very close to going in to professional guitar but had a true calling from the Lord to be a nurse. I was a nurse for over 40 years and am now retired. In my later years the Lord blessed me with this beautiful band. My children have been such a gift to me all these years and to be able to perform the music we love with each other is an amazing thing. It has been fantastic to see my children develop musically from their earliest beginnings to the well seasoned musicians that they are today.

The Celtic direction of our music is due to my husband's side of the family. He is a McNeil on his mother's side, whose roots can be traced back to the Isle of Barra on the Western Hebrides of Scotland. Part of the band had the privilege of performing on Barra for the Macneil reunion in 2007. Throughout the years, Joanna and I have attended the summer session at Jink and Diddle School of Scottish Fiddling held in Valley Crucis NC.

I hope you enjoy the music and the ministry of MPK Christian Celtic Band.