Pastor Ron

Pastor Ron

Registered on Friday the 22nd of Mar, 2013

Hi, I’m glad to be the father, grandfather and MC of the band.  My mother is a Macneil whose family comes from the Isle of Barra.  When the band began to develop, it just naturally adopted a Celtic flavor.  Our true Chief is the Lord Jesus Christ and I am glad to be under His direction.  I love Celtic music but I am a better listener than performer.  My position in the band is to share about my Chief and the Celtic history and musical background we enjoy.  Over a lifetime, I have acquired a knowledge of Scottish and Irish history and its’ musical roots.  We also share a joy in Celtic Highland dance.

I currently pastor Our Father’s House Christian Community Church in Chili WI.  I love to share a witness for my Savior and have a burden to see lives changed and families healed and strengthened.  The songs in the band have a powerful message for today.

You can check out Our Father’s House at and Our Father's House Facebook Page

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