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1. St Patricks Prayer

– Words: traditional Music: Joanna Johnson

My husband, Ron had been studying the traditional words to this prayer by St. Patrick. One day, he spoke to our youngest daughter and said, “Joanna, I believe the Lord would like to give you a melody for this prayer”. She went to work and this song is what she came up with. We love the power in the words of the prayer of St. Patrick.

Lead Vocal and Fiddle, Joanna Johnson. Backup vocal and Guitar, Deborah Johnson. Backup vocal and Low D whistle, Dawn Wolf. Piano, Maranatha Johnson. Djembi, Noah Wolf.

2. Neil Gow’s Lament for the Death of His second Wife – By: Neil Gow

This is a beautiful air by Neil Gow who is considered to be one of the fathers of the “Golden Age” of Scottish fiddling” from the 18th century.

Fiddle, Joanna Johnson. Piano, Maranatha Johnson. Flute, Dawn Wolf Classical guitar, Deborah Johnson.

3. This World is not My Home – Words and Music by Dawn Wolf

This is Dawn’s life! It was written by her and describes the “joyful mayhem” that is her life. Many is the time that Dawn and I laugh and start singing the chorus at a time when everything seems to be “falling apart”. We’re not in this thing because we are perfect and have it all together rather, we have a very gracious God who both loves us and puts up with us and amazingly…even uses us at times!

Lead Vocal: Dawn Wolf. Backup Vocal and Classical Guitar , Deborah Johnson. Backup Vocal Joanna Johnson. Accordion: Noah Wolf Piano, Maranatha Johnson. Bass Guitar, Steve Cox

4. Springtime in the Highlands Jig and Reel – music by Noah Wolf /Lochrynach Reel: Traditional

Noah called me one day and said, ”Grandma…I wrote a jig. Can I play it for you?” I loved it and told him to go back and write the reel that should go with it. So…He did. This is a delightful set that we love to play. I’m delighted to see my grandson grow in his writing ability. I remember when he first did his “ABC’s and now he is well into his “Do Re Mi’s. Lochrynach Reel is a wonderful traditional reel that is equal in popularity to “The Flower’s of Edinburgh”. It went well with this set.

Fiddles, Joanna and Deborah Johnson. Classical Guitar, Deborah Johnson. Scottish Whistle, Dawn Wolf. Piano, Maranatha Johnson. Bodhran, Noah Wolf

5. Life is a Pick Your Poison Proposition – Words and Music by Dawn Wolf

What can I say. Here she is again in fine form. I love my Dawn and she is a very prolific songwriter and “tells it like it is”. We always have a choice with life issues that affect us and what our response will be to them. Our “crosses” are” tailor made” especially to fit us and to mold us and shape us into the people that God calls us to be. Of course, we can always resist……….but then, it would just be another lap around the wilderness anyway. Might as well “thank Him for the rod and staff for comfort and correction” because “our lives are always under inspection”. This is Steve Cox’s favorite song on this CD. He is our production manager.

Lead Vocal: Dawn Wolf. Backup vocal and Acoustic Electric Guitar, Deborah Johnson. Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Drums and Base Guitar, Steve Cox. Fiddle, Joanna Johnson.

6. Fergus Cedar Tree – Music by Noah Wolf

Well, when Noah finished the “Springtime in the Highlands Jig and Reel set, I sent him back to write a “Strathspey”. He says this song is about his cat “Fergus” who loves to sit out under the cedar tree in their yard. When Joanna and I competed in the 2010 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games Scottish Fiddle contest, I showed this song to Laura Risk, our judge. She liked it! “Way to go Noah!”

Fiddles, Joanna and Deborah Johnson. Classical Guitar, Deborah Johnson. Scottish Whistle and Flute, Dawn Wolf. Piano, Maranatha Johnson. Bodhran, Noah Wolf

7. Macneil Pirate Song – Words and Music by Dawn Wolf

This is a fun song that grew on us all. We had a “piratey” time with it. We are from the Clan Macneil. The Macneils have a long history of pirate adventures and escapades, so Dawn thought she would reform them a bit!

Lead Vocals and Whistle, Dawn Wolf. Backup vocal and Fiddle, Joanna Johnson. Backup vocal and Calssical guitar, Deborah Johnson. Piano, Maranatha Johnson. Backup Vocal, Accordion and Bodhran, Noah Wolf

8. Climb the Mountain – music by David Gardner’s fiddle class at Jink and Diddle School of Scottish Fiddling; harmony by Jean Wood. / Lady Madeline Palmer: Music by Wm Marshall / Miss Rattray: Music: Traditional

I love the first tune of this set. It was composed at fiddle school a few years ago (Jink and Diddle) by David Gardner’s class. It is a Scottish Air with the sound of a minuet in it. My dear friend, Jean Wood, went home and wrote the harmony to it and both David and Jean have graciously given us permission to record it. The next tune is a delightful strathspey that is traditional William Marshall, another “golden era” fiddle composer. The final tune is a traditional reel.

Fiddles, Joanna and Deborah Johnson. Classical Guitar, Deborah Johnson. Scottish Whistle, Dawn Wolf. Piano, Maranatha Johnson. Bodhran, Noah Wolf

9: Trees of Righteousness – Words and Music by Deborah Johnson

This is a song that I started to write a few years ago, inspired by Isaiah 61:3. I kept it in the back of my bible and would haul it out on occasion to just think about it. It finally came to fruition with this current CD project. Maranatha has been a faithful accompanist on all of our fiddle adventures throughout the years. In this song, she plays the Highland Pipes on the chorus and piano. That is the benefit of studio recording. In real life, we find it difficult to play two instruments at one time.

Lead Vocal and Classical Guitar, Deborah Johnson. Back up Vocal and Whistle, Dawn Wolf. Backup Vocal and Fiddle, Joanna Johnson. Piano and Bagpipes, Maranatha Johnson. Djembi Noah Wolf

10. Tweed Waulking Tunes Music: Traditional

This is a collection of Gaelic tunes that are songs women would sing while weaving to produce the beautiful tartans that set apart each clan. Joanna and I originally recorded these tunes with the Jink and Diddle Orchestra in the Apple Barn at the Valley Crucis Conference Center in North Carolina. The CD is called “Highland Summer Storm” and can be purchased at: We kept Steve Cox quite busy in the “dungeon” as we did track after track of our own fiddles to produce an effect. Then, Joanna and Noah got a little crazy. Hey, I can’t be responsible for what long hours in the recording studio does to the brain !

Fiddles, Joanna Johnson and Deborah Johnson. Whistle, Dawn Wolf. Djembi, Noah Wolf. Vocalizations, Noah Wolf and Joanna Johnson

11. The spirit and the Bride Say Come – Words and Music by Deborah Johnson

I wrote this song back in 1975 inspired by Revelation chapter 22. This is the Spirit of Christ wooing us to come to Him. I want to swim in that crystal river someday. What wonderful things God has in store for those who love Him. When I wrote this song, I never dreamed that 35 years later, I would be singing this song on this CD accompanied by my adult children. God sees the way ahead.

Lead Vocal and Classical Guitar, Deborah Johnson. Flute, Dawn Wolf. Fiddle, Joanna Johnson. Piano, Maranatha Johnson

12. William’s Rose – Music by Joanna Johnson

Joanna wrote this beautiful Scottish air that has a mournful quality to it, as many airs do. There is a lighter side at the end. It has been a joy to share this growing up fiddle adventure with Joanna and to see the musician that she is developing into.

Fiddle, Joanna Johnson. Classical Guitar, Deborah Johnson. Djembi, Noah Wolf

13. Almost Home – Words by Pastor Ronald and Deborah Johnson, Music by Maranatha and Joanna Johnson

We were seeking a signature song for the theme of the CD project and could not agree on what we should do. The members of MPK are usually in one accord, but not this time. We struggled. But, God had a plan and a purpose. My husband went out on a walk and came back with this song. We still struggled. We tried to make things fit. I had to “shape” the song, praying all the while. Joanna wrote the melody to the chorus and Maranatha wrote the melody to the verses. By God’s grace, it came together, I think, as it was meant to be. This is a longing and desire to be with the only One who can fill us and make us whole and give us the intimacy that we so long for. “Even so, come Lord Jesus.” Revelation 20.

Lead Vocal and Fiddle, Joanna Johnson. Backup vocal and Classical Guitar, Deborah Johnson. Backup vocal and Whistle, Dawn Wolf. Lead and Backup Vocal and Piano, Maranatha Johnson. Djembi, Noah Wolf.

MPK Lyrics

“Almost Home

Many an evening I dream of home

Of lovely green fields I long to roam

Of dancing bare toed in sweet sweet clover

To the buzz of stingless bees

Of kneeling in audience before my Savior

At the cathedral of the fir trees


We’re almost home we’re almost there

Down the straight path around the bend

Along the pure river and through the glen

We’re going home in the end

Have you made heaven your home

Only Jesus can cleanse sins alone

He can make you a home and guide you forever

And with Him you always will be

A home in heaven He’ll leave you never

Kneel and pray and forever be free

Communion with Jesus in perfect prayer

The holy book open perfume in the air

His Counsel and promises the scent of heaven

Spur me onward to long for more

At heaven’s door waits One who has risen


Don’t need a big mansion just a cottage of stone

Beside the living stream

Sweet fellowship with my Savior

The hope and desire of my dreams


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Thank You To:

Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  You are the point!  The entire reason we do what we do is for You and through You!  Steve Cox you’ve blessud us for years with creative genius and inspiration.  Pam Cox your labor of love and prayer does NOT go unnoticed!  Jon & Carri Johnson You two have blessed MPK so much!  The website looks fav!  Carri, your photography skills are amazing!  Dee Wolf you make amazing
cookies for our concerts!  Preston Wolf for holding down the fort when Dawn is multi-tasking.  MPK’s Prayer Warriors This project is a result of your due diligence on your knees!

Deb Johnson: guitar, fiddle, vocals, track notes

Dawn Wolf: flute, whistles, vocals, graphic design

Maranatha Johnson: keyboard, vocals, highland pipes

Joanna Johnson: fiddle, vocals

Noah Wolf: percussion, vocals, keyboard

Pastor Ron Johnson: Band MC & Historian

Guests: Steve Cox played bass guitar on This is Not my Home and bass, lead guitar, drums, and piano on Pick Your Poison Proposition, synth on Spirit and the Bride Say Come

Recorded at
Steve Cox Productions
in Marshfield, WI

Produced and Engineered
by Steve Cox (715) 387-6740