MPK Chrsitain Celtic Band will soon begin work on a new project called “Harbour”. It will be a mix of original Christian Celtic songs and 18th century traditional Scottish fiddle tunes.

This past year has been a “songwriting” year for MPK for each member of the band and unbeknownst to each other, many of the songs had the recurrent theme of “Harbour” in them. It wasn’t hard to arrive at the name for the album.
The real trick now, is getting all these band members home from college, throwing them in to the recording studio at Steve Cox Productions and locking the door. “And we won’t let ’em out til they’re done!” Well…maybe not…..

Anyway, we are excited about this project because, in my opinion (that and 25 cents won’t buy ya a cup of coffee) there are some great songs on this album that have already been tested on REAL LIVE AUDIENCES with the same response…they like them!

Stay tuned and we will give you updates. Rumor also has it that MPK is going to do a professional music video for our youtube site which you can suscribe to.

Thanks for dropping by our site and a special thanks to all of our Radio Airplay fans out there.
Keep on keeping on!