Music has been my passion since I can remember. People say I was born with musical instinct! My primary instruments are piano and drums. I have been playing drums and piano for since I was little. Aside from piano and drums, I play a variety of instruments including accordion, bagpipes, a little bass, a bit of guitar, organ, and anything percussion including the bodhran.
There is one thing that sits above my love for music, and that’s my passion for Jesus. He is my guide in my life of music and He directs my path in life. Without Him, my music would have no purpose. I am currently working towards a BA in music in an online program called CollegePlus, which is a good way to homeschool college. My hope is to gain a career in soundtrack writing and performing. Arranging and writing music are two things that I really enjoy. I write some of the fiddle tunes for the band, but as a pianist, I hear from our fiddlers that my string crossings are murder! I have a YouTube channel where I’m known as, “theinventivepianist” you can get to my channel from here!
I also have a Facebook page for The Inventive Pianist. Feel free to give it a like! 🙂
That’s all for now,
Noah Wolf