Congratulations to our Joanna Johnson of MPK Christian Celtic Band.  On Saturday September 9, 2017, Joanna competed at Edinboro PA in the Scottish F.I.R.E.  sanctioned National Scottish Fiddle Competition, winning the title of 2017 National Scottish Fiddle Champion USA. We are very proud and have witnessed her hard work all these years.  All thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ who gave her Himself and the skill and ability to perform.  Many thanks to her lifelong mentor and teacher Dr. John Turner (10 times national Scottish Fiddle Champion) and head of Jink and Diddle School of Scottish Fiddling Scottish F.I.R.E.  sanctioned judge.  Thank you also to her coach, Mari Black (2015 and 2013 National Scottish Fiddling Champion; 2014 winner of the Glenfiddich, Scotland; and other awards)  A final thank you to Melinda Crawford US National Scottish Fiddling Champion, teacher and director of The Strathgheny School of Scottish Fiddling.

Here are her winning sets: