Sweet Impossible Christmas
came out

in December of 2018

MPK: Harbour

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MPK: Sweet
Impossible Christmas

1. The Christmas Song
2. Snowflake Hornpipe / The Driving Snow / When the Sun Breaks Through
the Snow
3. Sweet Impossible Baby
4. We Three Kings
5. The Christmas Prodigal
6. Infant Holy Infant Lowly
7. An Air for Bethlehem / A Gift for the King
8.  O Come O Come Emmanuel

Harbour came out

in September of 2014

MPK: Harbour

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MPK: Harbour

1. Nothing But the Blood
2. My Soul Will Take Rest
3. Teviot Bridge Set
4. Not Alone
5. Dad’s March
6. Harbor of Love
7. Easy Ride
8. Story of My Life
9. Lament for Kismul/ Kismul’s Fiddle/ The Galley Reel
10. Put Your Foot Down
11. Seaside Lullaby
12. Wanderer
13. A Voice from the Sea

Almost Home came out

in November of 2010

MPK: Almost Home

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Almost Home

MPK: Almost Home

1. Saint Patrick’s Prayer
2. Neil Gow’s Lament for the Death
of His Second Wife
3. This is Not my Home
4. Springtime in the Highlands
Jig & Reel/ Lochrynach Reel
5. Pick Your Poison Proposition
6. Fergus and the Cedar Tree
7. The Macneil Pirate Song
8. Climb the Mountain; Lady
Madeline Palmer; Miss Rattray
9. Trees of Righteousness
10. Tweed Waulking Tunes
11. The Spirit and the Bride Say Come
12. William’s Rose
13. Almost Home

Forever Fiddling came out

in December of 2008 MPK: Forever Fiddling

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Forever Fiddling

MPK: Forever

1. The James in Spate
2. Gay Gordons Fiddle Set
3. Macpherson’s Lament/
M’Pherson’s Farewell
4. The Old Way of Killicrankie
5. Hornpipe Set
6. Farewell to Auchtermuchty
7. The Auld Man’s Meer’s Deid
8. The Lad With the Pladie Set
9. Irish Reel Set
10. The Scottish Waltz set
11. Mairi Bhan Og: Mary, Young
and Fair/ Drummond Castle
12. You’re a Person

The original
cut of Cling

was in February of 2006 MPK: Cling
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MPK: Cling

1. The Easter Story
2. Shepherd’s Son
3. You’re So Incredible
4. Flowers of Edinburgh Dance Set
5. Cling
6. The Auld Man’s Meer’s Deid
7. Why You Choose to Love Me
8. The Duke of Atholl’s Reel
9. He’s Not Passing You By
10. Johnny McGill
11. Almighty God
12. Miss Betty Robertson’s Reel
13. Get a Life
14. Cradle Song
15. Prophecy
16. Hector the Hero
17. Beginning of Sorrows
18. Johnny Cope
19. Clan of the Ages
20. Pigeon on the Gate

album came out

December of 2006 MPK: Christmas
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MPK: Christmas

1. Infant Holy,
Infant Lowly
2. Rorate
Merry Christmas Jig
Johnny McGill

3. Coventry Carol
What Child is This

4. Christmas Baby
5. Sleepy Jo