Cling was our début album. It is really more like two albums in one. It combines both original compositions in contemporary Christian music and traditional 18th century Scottish music. The MP3 samples are short snippets of the full song.
Samples from MPK: Cling
Please remember that all songs are under copyright of MPK Christian Celtic Band LLC and are for personal use only.  These songs are only samples and not to be redistributed or sold without written consent from MPK Christian Celtic Band LLC.
MPK Original
Scottish Traditional

1. The Easter Story

2. Shepherd’s Son

3. You’re So Incredible

4. Flowers of Edinburgh Dance Set

5. Cling

6. The Auld Man’s Meer’s Deid

7. Why You Choose to Love Me

8. The Duke of Atholl’s Reel

9. He’s Not Passing You By

10. Johnny McGill

11. Almighty God

12. Miss Betty Robertson’s Reel

13. Get a Life

14. Cradle Song

15. Prophecy

16. Hector the Hero

17. Beginning of Sorrows

18. Johnny Cope

19. Clan of the Ages

20. Pigeon on the Gate

MPK: Cling Back

Musician Instruments
“M”  Deb
guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, violin,
“PK” Dawn Wolf flute,
whistle, vocals
“PK” Joanna Johnson violin,
vocals, mandolin, worship dance
“PK” Maranatha Elmhorst keyboard,
piano, vocals
“GK”(grandkid) Noah Wolf drums,


Thank You To:


Our Husbands:  “P” Ron Johnson hub to mama, papa of the Pk’s, and pastor of Our Father’s House Christian Community Church in Chili, WI.  Preston Wolf, Dawn’s hub and Noah’s papa, thank you for patience through our many practice sessions.  Angela Winkel for your amazing eye!  Your talent astounds us!  Michelle Kline for your inspiration for the cover.  Dr. John Turner and his wife Moira from Jink and Diddle School of Scottish Fiddling
who communicated to us their love of the Scottish Fiddle and Dance.  To Mama’s mama, Dorothy Iwasko, who has been a continual encouragement.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us!  And finally, Steve Cox our brilliant production manager, and his wife Pam, Thank you!  You are treasures!  May the Lord bless your business and ministry richly!

Drums played by Steve Cox on:  “Why you Choose to Love Me”

All bass guitar tracks by Steve Cox

Photography:  Angela Winkel

Graphic Design:  Dawn Wolf

Recorded at Steve Cox Productions in Marshfield, WI

Produced and Engineered by 
Steve Cox (715) 387-6740