Album – MPK: Forever Fiddling

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1. James in Spate by Dr. John Turner, used by permission © Fiddletree Music Inc. 2008

2. Gay Gordons Fiddle Set – traditional The Celtic Society’s Quickstep/Lord Huntly’s Cave & Balmoral Castle by J. Scott Skinner

3. Macpherson’s Lament/ M’Pherson’s Farewell – Jamie Macpherson/ Traditional

4. The Old Way of Killicrankie Part first of the Complete Repository of Original Scots Tunes by Neil Gow

5. Hornpipe Set – Traditional The Greencastle Hornpipe/The Galway Hornpipe/Honeysuckle Hornpipe

6. Farewell to Auchtermuchty by Dr. John Turner, used by permission © Fiddletree Music Inc. 2008

7. The Auld Man’s Meer’s Deid Patie Birnie

8. The Lad With the Pladie Set – Traditional The Lad with the Pladie/ Cameron’s Got His Wife Again/ Drumshugh

9. Irish Reel Set – Traditional The Maid Behind the Bar/ Cooley’s Reel

10. The Scottish Waltz set – Traditional Come O’er The Stream Charlie/ Logie O’Buchan/ Will Ye Gang To Kelvingrove

11. Mairi Bhan Og: Mary, Young and Fair/ Drummond Castle – Traditional

12. You’re a Person words by Deb Johnson, music by Maranatha and Joanna Johnson

Thank You To:

We want to thank Steve Cox for his advice and wisdom over the years.  Thanks to Pam (Steve’s wife) for all the labor of love and prayers she has bestowed on MPK.  Dawn and I want to thank our husbands for their  continual covering which is and awesome blessing.  We want to thank them for their patience, unending love and support even when, in the middle of gigs and recording projects, the clutter monster attacks and leaves areas of chaos in its wake.  We want to thank Dr. John Turner for allowing us to record his wonderful tunes, and for his support and encouragement in our pursuit of Scottish Fiddling.  Finally, we want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for being the Savior of MPK without Whom, we would not know life.

Drums played by
Steve Cox on “James in Spate”

Bass guitar on
“You’re a person” by Steve Cox

Photography:  Paul & Mary Elmhorst

Design:  Dawn Wolf

Recorded at Steve Cox Productions in Marshfield, WI

Produced and Engineered
by Steve Cox (715) 387-6740